The Ibn Sina Natural Medicine Ltd

Nature is divine; the motto of the 21st century is "Back to the Nature" The IBN SINA Natural Medicine Ltd., a Subsidiary of The IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry PLC is dedicated to serving humanity by manufacturing and providing quality medicines and services to its customers with marching onward for sustainable growth and continual improvement.

IBN SINA Natural Medicine plant is equipped with the latest technological support in 2008 with a view to facilitate the best natural therapeutic service to the people .within a very short time our natural medicine has achieved a goodwill and credibility of medical professionals and consumers for its efficacy and quality .Following this trend most of the leading pharmaceutical companies have also started marketing of the natural medicine production. The growth is increasing day by day after starting its journey .IT has undergone potential expansion in multiple sectors due to its responsible business practices. The ranking of the natural medicine division is among the most important multidisciplinary groups and advocates for the principle of the care for the future, high professionalism, employee friendly approach, financial stability transparency, safety and leadership. It is striving to strengthen its market access in locally and globally. Formulating its competitive strategies and putting emphasis on productivity enhancement, thus playing a pivotal role in the country's commerce and trade sectors.