Quality Assurance

There is a standard and well-furnished herbarium and plant profiles in the natural medicine factory. Here, a team of efficient manpower including qualified taxonomists for the identification of different Raw Materials and also preserved them accordingly.


This department is equipped with all essential machineries tools and utensils to run the factories smoothly. A balanced technical team with electrical, mechanical, HVAC and utilities experts in this line in sufficient quantities for routine and preventive maintenance. The utilities sector is well furnished with its own power-generating generator, boiler, oil-free air compressor and HVAC system. We have a canteen and prayer facilities in self-contained facilities.

This Natural Medicine Ltd. is enriched with technically qualified both in                                                                                                                         academically and professionally. These are pharmacist, chemist, and botanist, BUMS, taxonomist, microbiologist and supply chain specialist. They all are under scheduled training with evaluation programs. The training is conducted with items experts both from local and abroad. These programs assist us in keeping up