The IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry PLC was founded in 1983 on a campus of about 15 acres of land located in Kaliakoir, Gazipur district about 56 km away from Dhaka city. The Industry was established as a private limited company. Then it was converted into a public limited company in 1989.

IBN SINA TRUST sponsor of the industry, owns 44.67% share of the Company Institutions shares 24.07% and the public shares the rest 31.26%. The commercial production was started in May 1986 with only a few number of pharmaceutical dosage forms of products which has increased now more than 550.

Since the beginning IBN SINA was committed to providing high-quality healthcare services in Bangladesh and within a very short period of time it fulfilled its commitment. It has meanwhile occupied a credible position in the pharmaceutical field of Bangladesh for its quality and ethical standards.

Now IBN SINA is expanding its business arena internationally across the world and has already exported more than 100 products in different dosage forms to 20 Countries.