Production Facilities


Production is ongoing with separate manufacturing divisions, these are the Unani division and the Herbal division very soon we are going to open the Auyabadic medicine division.

Facilitates are decorated with sophisticated production machineries for tablets, capsules, powders (Sufoof) and syrup products with enlarged areas. Here are top-selling products like Vinsina Herbisal syrup, Hazmi syrup, Alkof, Basok syrup, Sinar syrup and Myrosin, etc syrup. Among the topical products are Vigogel and Dermaris. This area is furnished with art-of-state machineries for tablet, capsule, powder and sachet products. There is a new sensitive product probiotic manufacturing area that has been built and production is ongoing. Lyophilized papaya products for are first time in Bangladesh for the treatment of Dengue fever has launched. The major products in the herbal division are the Rebio capsule, Isbulgul plus sachet, Ginsin capsule, Dirolina capsule, Silicap capsule, etc.


1. API, excipient, various types herbs and packing materials are received and inspected as per standard operating procedure SOP and kept in quarantine area.
2. Sample analysis is done by Quality Control whereby QC performs identification, potency determination and necessary test of materials.
3. Following QC approval, pass levels are fixed on container and materials are shifted from quarantine to a specific approved area for preservation .
4. Material requisition is placed by production department along with batch manufacturing procedure of the product.
5. Materials are collected as for bill of materials and sent to Production for dispensing.
6. Purity, temperature, humidity and other condition of the materials are checked by the production and quality assurance and
7. Materials are weighted and dispensed to production as per requisition.


1. The IBN SINA natural medicine have several dosage forms like capsule, tablet, oral liquid, ointment-cream, probiotic, Halawa, sachet and powder dosage form. Manufacturing procedure of these dosage forms are different and has separate SOP.

2. Rooms and machines are fully cleaned and prepared for production having HVAC system.

3. Medicine and product is processed according to validated SOP. The production operator and officer follow the written SOP and keep record of all the activities along with sufficient retention sample.

4. The in process quality is checked by QA at every step of manufacturing and quality is ensured in every steps.

5. After completion of every sub process, sample analysis is performed by the QA and sent to QC for evaluation.

6. Upon approval by QC, QA fix the label on the container and gives approval for next step and

7. The prerequisites environment and the regulatory condition of the products are maintained


a) After packaging of products, all documents are reviewed by the QA and approved for distribution and sales.
b) Representative sample form every batch is kept by the QA up to the shelf life of the product for monitoring real life.
c) Real time instability study up to the shelf life is performed by the QA for further development and
d) When launching new products, product development and