The Marketing Division is the keystone to achieving the goals and objectives of a company in a branded generic pharmaceutical industry as in Bangladesh. With the mission to be one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Management realized that its Marketing Division needs to deal with the challenges of the current competitive pharmaceutical market. Consequently, IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Management constructed its Marketing Division with due attention. As a result, the marketing division is now enriched with-

1. Strategic Marketing Department: Strategic Marketing supports the marketing activity of field forces by providing intellectual ideas and promotional support through its dynamic, skilled and well-trained professionals. The team plays an important role in evaluating the current competitive market, preparing marketing objectives and enriching the product line of the company by launching new and innovative products. The Strategic Marketing team also successfully deals with existing brands according to the company’s marketing objective and provides strategic inputs to generate steady business and stay ahead in the competitive market.

The Strategic Marketing team also fixes and executes strategies for specific brands to ensure the growth of existing and new brands, creates new ideas and develops promotional materials (literature, pad, sticker, dispensing bag, dongle, banner, festoon, gift, etc.), conducts promotional events, analyzes sales trend and ensures availability of products through distribution channels.

Strategic Marketing is also involved in monitoring prescriptions & sales throughout the country to know the real scenario and to capture & raise the market share.  

2. Outdoor Marketing Team (Field Level): Our Marketing Division has a strong motivated outdoor Marketing Team. About 2600 well-educated, skilled and well-trained members are working in these teams together. IPI has three separate marketing teams at the field level for Pharma, Sinavision and Natural Medicine Division. This team works dedicatedly to promote individual groups of products to individual customers to gain proper demand (prescription) and achieve sales objectives.

3. Medical Services Department (MSD): To develop a strong relationship with doctors and build up the image of the company, the Medical Services Department (MSD) organizes seminars and symposiums on diseases, current events, new and existing medicines, etc. throughout the country.

4. Indoor Marketing Service Team (IMST): The Indoor Marketing Service Team (IMST) provides a variety of services to the doctors like special doctor’s gifts, donations to various medical institutes and doctors, etc. to develop a strong relationship with doctors and build up an image of the company.

5. Market Research Team (MRT): The division also has a skilled Market Research Team (MRT). Every business needs profound research in its field of interest because the research helps to keep updated information on the behavior patterns of the customers to products and services of a company. IPI also feels the necessity of such research and constructed an organizedMarketResearch Team to support Management in decision-making in different steps of business.

These teams work in integrated manners to enhance prescription and sales by promoting innovative ideas and products persistently throughout the year.

The Marketing Division is working relentlessly to achieve the goal of the company in a unified working environment with management, other departments, regulations and most importantly with our valuable customers.