Sinazid Tablet: Each tablet contains Gliclazide BP 80 mg.

Sinazid (Gliclazide) is a second generation sulfonylurea drug that has hypoglycemic and potentially useful hematological properties. It stimulates the release of insulin from pancreatic Beta cells by facilitating Ca+2 transport across the Beta cell membranes and decrease hepatic glucose output.

Sinazid is indicated for the treatment of maturity onset diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) of patients who require oral antidiabetic treatment.

Duration of action is 12 hour or more Adult: The initial dose is 40 to 50 mg daily, gradually increased if necessary up to 320 mg daily until adequate control is achieved. A single dose should not exceed 160 mg. When higher doses are required it should be taken twice daily and according to the main meals of the day. Elderly: Plasma clearance of Gliclazide is not altered in the elderly and steady state plasma levels are similar to those in adults under 65 years. Clinical experiences in the elderly shows that it is effective and well tolerated. Children: Gliclazide as with other sulfonylureas is not indicated for the treatment of juvenile onset diabetes mellitus.

Gliclazide should not be used in Juvenile onset (Type-1) diabetes Diabetes associated with ketosis Patients having hypersensitivity for Sulfonylurea group of drugs Diabetic patients undergoing surgery, after severe injury or during infection Hepatic insufficiency Pregnant woman and lactating mother.

Care should be exercised with patients having hepatic and or renal impairment and a small starting dose should be used with careful patient monitoring. In long term clinical trials, patients with renal insufficiency have been treated satisfactorily using Gliclazide at reduced doses.

There may be hypoglycemia in concurrent condition such as hepatic and renal disease, malnutrition, and alcohol intoxication. Sometime headache, gastrointestinal upsets, nausea, dizziness, skin reaction including rash, pruritis, Erythema may occur.

Gliclazide is contraindicated in pregnant woman. It should not be used in breast feeding mother.

The hypoglycemic effects of Gliclazide may be increased by aspirin, NSAIDs, Phenylbutazone, Sulfonamides, Cimetidine, Imidazole antifungal agents and monoaminés oxides inhibitors. The hypoglycemic effect of Gliclazide sometime may be reduced by Rifampicin, Barbiturates, Phenytoin, Thiazide diuretics, Diazoxide, Glucocorticosteroids, Estrogens, Sympathomimetic drugs and occasionally alcohol.

In accidental overdose, at first gastric lavage should be done and at the same time the hypoglycemia should be corrected. In severe cases IV infusion of 5% glucose should be started immediately with frequent monitoring of blood glucose and potassium level.

Store in a cool (below 30°C) and dry place protected from light and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.

Sinazid Tablet: Each box contains 5x10's tablet in blister strip.