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Thiamine HCl BP

Thiosina 100 mg 20X10 Tablet


Thiosina is Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1). Thiamine is an essential constituent for the metabolism of carbohydrate and a lot of amino acids. Utilization of pyruvic acid and amino acid in tissue are decreased in Thiamine deficiency. So pyruvic acid and lactic acid are accumulated and cause Beri-beri. In adult, approximately 1 mg of Thiamine per day is completely degraded by the tissues, and this is roughly the minimal daily requirement. Thiamine is well absorbed from the Gastro-intestinal tract and is widely distributed to most body tissues. Excess of the body requirements are excreted in the urine as unchanged or as metabolites.

Each Thiosina tablet contains Thiamine Hydrochloride BP 100 mg.

Thiamine is used in the treatment and prevention of Thiamine deficiency. Such as- Beri-beri: Chronic dry beri-beri is characterised by peripheral neuritis, muscle wasting and muscle weakness and paralysis. Acute wet beri-beri is characterised by cardiac failure and oedema. Gastrointestinal disorder: Ulcerative colitis, GI hypotonia, chronic diarrhoea etc. Wernick's encephalopathy. Alcoholic neuritis Neuritis of pregnancy

In the treatment of mild chronic Thiamine deficiency doses up to 30 mg daily in single or divided doses have been recommended. In severe Thiamine deficiency doses up to 300 mg daily have been given.

No untoward effects occur when Thiamine is administered orally in amounts many times greater than the therapeutic dose.

Hypersensitivity to Thiamine.

ThiosinaTablet : Box contains 20 x 10's tablet in blister strip.