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Cloxacillin Sodium BP

Sinaclox 100 125 mg/ 5 ml 100 ml Powder for suspension
Sinaclox 500 500 mg 4X12 Capsule


Sinaclox (Cloxacillin) is a beta-lactamase resistant semisynthetic antibiotic having bactericidal activity against most gram-positive organisms and Neisseria species. It is also effective against beta lactamase producing gram negative organisms when given with Ampicillin. Cloxacillin resists the action of betalactamase by its possession of an acyl side chain, which protects beta-lactam bond by preventing the enzyme getting access to it.

Sinaclox Capsule: Each Sinaclox capsule contains Cloxacillin 500 mg as Cloxacillin Sodium BP. Sinaclox Suspension: After reconstitution each 5 ml of oral suspension contains Cloxacillin 125 mg as Cloxacillin Sodium BP.

Sinaclox is indicated for the treatment of infections mainly caused by beta-lactamase producing Staphylococci, resistant to Benzyl penicillin, such as Skin and soft tissue infection: Boils, abscess, carbuncle, furunculosis, cellulitis, infected wounds, infected burns, otitis media and externa, skin infections like ulcer, eczema, acne. Respiratory tract infection: Pneumonia, lung abscess, empyema, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and quinsy. Other infections caused by sensitive organisms: Osteomyelitis, enteritis, endocarditis, urinary tract infections, meningitis and septicemia.

Adult: Usual dose is 500 mg 4 times daily. Children (2-10 years): 250 mg 4 times daily. Children (up to 2 years): 125 mg 4 times daily. Dose may be doubled in severe infection and should be taken at least 30 minutes before food.

Cloxacillin should be given with caution to patients with known history of allergic reaction.

Side effects are same as with other penicillins. Such as Nausea, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort, skin rash, disturbance of blood electrolytes etc.

Cloxacillin is contraindicated to the patients hypersensitive to penicillin.

Sinaclox Capsule: Each box contains 48 (12 x 4's) Capsules in Aluminium strip. Sinaclox Suspension: Each bottle contains dry powder for 100 ml oral suspension.