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Adenosine + Cytochrome + Sodium Succinate + Nicotinamide

Ractovit Combination 5 ml Eye drops


Cytochrome C synthesizes ATP from ADP by oxidative phosphorylation. Sodium Succinate promotes synthesis of ATP Adenosine is involved in the production of energy, required for the vital function of the lens such as the biosynthesis of glutathione, intermembrane active transport of ions and amino acids, the synthesis of DNA, RNA and nucleic acid. Nicotinamide is involved in the synthesis of ATP. NADPH maintains the lens cells from oxidizing agents and free radicals by maintaining glutathione in its reduced form.

Ractovit eye drops : Each ml eye drops contains Adenosine BP 2 mg, Cytochrome C Ph.Gr.0.5 mg, Sodium Succinate Ph. Gr.0.6 mg and Nicotinamide BP 10 mg.

Ractovit eye drops is used for the treatment of lens opacification.

1 drop twice daily.

Due to low quantity of ingredients, it is unlikely to cause any toxicity even after accidental ingestion of the medicine.

Store at room temperature (15°-25°C) and dry place protected from light. Do not use more than 30 days after first opening of the bottle. Keep out of the reach of children.

Ractovit eye drops is contraindicated to patients with known hypersensitivity to any ingredient of this product. In order to avoid interaction with other drugs, it is recommended to inform your doctor of any concomitant treatment particularly with other eye drops.

Ractovit eye drops: Each plastic dropper bottle contains 5 ml sterile eye drops.