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Neomycin sulphate BP + Betamethasone BP

Neocort Cream 0.5% w/w + 0.1% w/w 5 gm Cream
Neocort Ointment 0.5% w/w + 0.1% w/w 5 gm Ointment


Neocort Cream/Ointment is a preparation of Betamethasone Va lerate and Neomycin Sulphate. Betamethasone Valerate is a topical Corticosteroid having anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and vasocostrictor action. Neomycin Sulphate is a topic al broad-spectrum, bactericidal aminoglycoside effective against the majority of bacteria commonly associated with skin infections. Topical corticosteroid is readily absorbed from the skin. I n inflammatory condition, penetration is increased.

Each gram of Neocort Cream/Ointment contains Betamethasone BP 0.1% as V alerate ester and Neomycin Sulphate BP 0.5%.

Neocort Cream/Ointment is indicated for the treatment of t he following conditions where secondary bacterial infection is present, suspected or likely to occur: eczema including atopic, infantile and d iscoid eczemas; prurigo nodularis; psoriasis (excluding wi despread plaque psoriasis); neurodermatoses, including lichen simplex, lichen planus; Seborrhoei c dermatitis; anal and genital intertrigo; contact sensitivity reactions; discoid lupus erythematosus. Neocort can also be used in the management of insect bites, prickly heat and otitis externa.

Apply a thin film to the affected skin areas one to three times a day or as advised by the physician.

Local adverse reactions have been reported particul arly in occlusive dressing; also burning; itching, irritation, dryness, folliculitis, hypertrichosis, acniform may occur.

Long term continuous topical therapy should be avoi ded where possible, particularly in infants and children. If applied to the eyelid, care is needed to ensure that the preparation does not enter the e ye, as glaucoma might occur.

Rosacea, acne vulgaris; peri-oral dermatitis; derma tosis in children under one year of age; skin lesio ns caused by infections with viruses (eg. Herpes simpl ex), fungi (eg. candidiasis, tinea) or bacteria (eg . impetigo). Cream/Ointment should not be used for th e treatment of otitis externa where the ear drum is perforated, because of its risk of ototoxicity a nd in those patients hypersensitive to any of its components.

Neocort Cream/Ointment: 5 gm ointment available in a tube.