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Natamycin USP

Natoph 5% w/v 5 ml Eye drops


Natoph (Natamycin) Eye Drops is a sterile antifungal Ophthalmic Suspension. Natamycin is a polyene antibiotic obtained from Streptomyces natalensis. Natoph acts by interfering with the permeability of the cell membrance of sensitive fungi by binding to sterols, chiefly ergosterol. Following ocular administration, Natoph is present in therapeutic concentration in corneal stroma but not in intraocular fluid; systemic absorption does not usually occur.

Natoph eye drops: Each ml suspension contains Natamycin USP 50 mg.

Natoph eye Drops is indicated for the treatment of Blepharitis, Conjunctivitis & Keratitis due to susceptible fungi, including Fusarium solani.

Fungal Keratitis: Instill 1 drop into the conjunctival sac at 1-2 hour intervals. The frequency of application can be reduced to 1 drop 6-8 times daily after the first 3 or 4 days. Generally, the drug has to continue for 14 to 21 days, or until there is resolution of active fungal keratitis. In many cases, it may be helpful to reduce the dose gradually at 4 to 7 days interval to ensure that the organism has been eliminated. Fungal Blepharitis and Conjunctivitis: 1 drop 4 to 6 daily applications may be sufficient.

Natamycin may cause irritation. It has also been reported that conjunctival chemosis and hyperemia may be allergic in nature.

Failure of improvement of keratitis following 7 to 10 days administration of the drug suggests that the infection may be caused by a microorganism not susceptible to Natamycin. Clinical re-evaluation and additional laboratory studies should be carried out to continue the therapy. Patients on this drug should be monitored twice weekly. If toxicity of drug occurs, the therapy should be discontinued.

The safety of Natamycin in pregnancy has not been evaluated. So it is necessary to take care during use in pregnancy.

Store below 20°C but do not freeze. Do not expose to strong light and excessive heat. Before use, the bottle should be shaken well.

Natamycin Eye Drops is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypersensitive to any of its ingredients.

Natoph Eye Drops: Each dropper bottle contains 5ml sterile ophthalmic suspension.