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Nystatin BP

Mycocin 500000 unit 7X4 Tablet
Mycocin 100000 unit / ml 12 ml Suspension


Mycocin is a polyene antibiotic having both fungistatic and fungicidal activities against a wide variety of yeasts and yeast-like fungi, but is principally active against Candida albicans (Monilia). It exerts its antifungal action by binding to sterol in the fungal cell membrane with a resultant change in membrane permeability allowing leakage of intracellular components. Mycocin exhibits no appreciable activity against bacteria, protozoa or virus. Absorption of Mycocin from the gastrointestinal tract is negligible when administered orally and is excreted in the faeces almost entirely as unchanged form.

Mycocin Tablet: Each tablet contains Nystatin BP 500000 unit. Mycocin Suspension: Each ml of suspension contains Nystatin BP 100000 unit.

a) Oral and Perioral fungal infections. b) Gastro-intestinal candidiasis.

Adult: 500000 unit to 1 million unit (1 to 2 tablet) every 6 hour in intestinal candidiasis. Children: 100000 unit (1 ml suspension) 4 times daily after food, usually for 7 days (continued for 48 hours after lesions have resolved) in intestinal and oral candidiasis (thrush). The suspension should be kept in contact with the affected areas as long as possible. For prophylaxis of oral candidiasis in new born, the suggested dose is 1 ml once daily.

Large dose can occasionally produce nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Use in pregnancy: Absorption of Nystatin from gastrointestinal tract is negligible; therefore no special precaution is needed during pregnancy.

The drug is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to Nystatin.

Mycocin Tablet: Box contains 7 x 4's tablets in Aluminium strip. Mycocin Suspension: 12 ml suspension available in bottle with dropper.