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Dextran-70 BP + Hypromellose 4000 BP

Glamor 0.2% w/v + 0.2% w/v 10 ml Eye drops


Glamor (Dextran 70 & Hypromellose) Eye Drops acts like natural tear, which provides smoothing relief to dry, itchy, burning and irritated eyes. It helps eyes to stay moist, healthy and protects further irritation.

Glamor Eye Drops: Each ml contains Dextran-70 BP 2 mg and Hypromellose 4000 BP 2 mg.

Glamor Eye Drops is used as artificial tear to prevent from damage to the cornea in patients with keratoconjunctivitis sicca and for ocular lubrication when Sjogren's syndrome affects lacrimal glands. It is also used for the temporary relief of burning and irritation due to dryness of the eye and for use as the protectant against further irritation, for temporary relief of discomfort due to expose to wind or sun.

Instill one drop into the affected eye(s) when required or as directed by the registered physician.

No serious side effect is reported with the use of this drug, but in rare cases there may be allergic reactions.

If allergic reactions experienced, the use of drug should be discontinued and should consult, with physician.

Glamor Eye Drops: Each plastic dropper bottle contains 10 ml sterile eye drops.