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Flurometholon USP + Tetrazolin Hydrochloride USP

Eylon 0.1% + 0.025% w/v 5 ml Eye suspension


Fluorometholone, like all other antiinflammatory glucocorticoids, gives its antiinflammatory activity by inhibiting phospholypase A2, the first step in prostaglandin synthesis. It also inhibits the chemotactic infiltration of neutrophils at the site of inflammation. The major benefit of fluorometholone over other corticosteroids is that it is not only 40 times stronger antiinflammatory drug but also has no significant action in increasing intraocular pressure. Fluorometholone is more rapidly degraded in the tissue. Therefore, immuno suppressive action of Flurorometholone is very less. Tetryzoline, an a-sympathomimetic, is a local vasoconstrictor which acts promptly and alleviates hyperemia, redness, swelling and irritation of conjunctiva.

Each ml contains Fluorometholone USP 1mg & Tetryzoline Hydrochloride USP 0.25 mg.

Acute allergic non-infectious conjunctivitis & keratitis with severe swelling and hyperemia. Non infectious inflammation of the anterior segment of the eye (including anterior uveitis episcleritis and scleritis). After glaucoma, cataract & squint operations along with supplementary antimicrobial therapy.

Adults: Instill 1 drop 2-3 times daily into the conjunctival sac for first one to two days. The dose may be increased for severe and adult patient to one drop hourly. Children (above two years): Specific studies for children have not been performed yet. So, Eylon should be used with caution in children.

Slight burning sensation for a short time after application of this eye drops have been reported by a small number of patients.Tetryzoline may cause slight irritation, in some cases mydriasis, dry mucous membrane and in rare case due to vasoconstriction, palpitation, arrythmia, angina have been reported.

"This preparation is not for prolonged use. If long term treatment is necessary (more than 2 or 3 days) patients should be regularly examined with regard to intraocular pressure, systemic adverse reactions and secondary infections. The preparation should be used after a careful risk/benefit evaluation in case of patient with,-Severe blood circulation disease. - Metabolic disturbance. -Under treatment with monoamine oxidase inhibitors and other potentially hypertensive drugs. "

No controlled human studies are available, animal studies with corticosteroids have revealed undesirable effect on the fetus. So, using of this medicine during pregnancy & lactation is therefore not recommended.

Eylon should not be administered concomitantly with monoamine oxidase inhibitors or trycyclic antidepressants which could increase blood pressure due to vasoconstricting effcct.

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Hypersensitivity to any component of this product, infectious conjunctivitis and keratitis, ulcerous condition of cornea, infection caused by virus, bacteria & fungus, glaucoma, stromal damage of the cornea or sclera, dry eyes specially keratoconjunctivitis sicca and children under two years.

Eylon Eye Drops: Each dropper bottle contains 5ml sterile eye drops.