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Anodyne ED

Diclofenac Sodium BP

Anodyne 0.1% w/v 5 ml Eye drops


Anodyne Eye Drops is available as a sterile solution of Diclofenac Sodium having analgesic & anti-Inflammatory action. Diclofenac inhibits the cyclooxygenase enzyme essential for the biosynthesis of prostaglandin which is responsible for inflammation.

Anodyne Eye Drops: It contains Diclofenac Sodium BP 0.1% w/v.

Non infected inflammatory conditions affecting the anterior region of the eye. Post traumatic inflammation in penetrating and non-penetrating wounds as an adjuvant to local anti-infective therapy. Post operative inflammation in patients who have undergone cataract surgery and other surgical procedures. Inhibition of miosis during cataract surgery. Pre-operative & post operative prevention of cystoid macular oedema associated with lens extraction and intraocular lens implantation.

Occasional mild to moderate transient stinging and blurred vision may occur after application of the Diclofenac eye drops. Hypersensitivity reaction in the form of itching, reddening and photosensitivity occur rarely.

Diclofenac eye drops should be used only after removal of contact lens in patients who use contact lens. If infection is present, appropriate treatment with antibiotic should be given concomitantly. The drug should not be prescribed during 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

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Store in a cool, dry place and protected from light. Keep out of reach of children.

Diclofenac eye drops should not be used in patient with known hypersensitivity to Diclofenac or any of its excipients. Like other NSAID, Diclofenac is contraindicated in patients suffering from asthma, urticaria or acute rhinitis.

Anodyne Eye Drops: Each plastic dropper bottle contains 5ml sterile eye drops.