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Alverine Citrate

Alverate 60 mg 5X10 Tablet


Alverine citrate is a smooth muscle relaxant, that acts directly on intestinal and uterine smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is a type of muscle that is not under voluntary control. It is the type of muscle that is found in places such as the walls of the gut and the walls of the womb (uterus). Alverine citrate acts directly on this muscle, causing it to relax. Alverine citrate relaxes the muscle spasms that occur in the gut in conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and diverticular disease. This relieves the pain sometimes associated with these conditions. Alverine citrate also relieves the muscle spasms in the womb that cause painful periods.

Each film-coated tablet contains Alverine Citrate BP 60 mg.

• Irritable bowel syndrome. • Abdominal pain associated with menstrual periods (Primary dysmenorrhea) • Bowel movement disturbances caused by small sacs or pouches in the wall of the gut (Diverticular disease) • Relief of other conditions associated with spasm of involuntary muscle.

Adults and children 12 years and older: 60 mg – 120 mg tablets each time, 1-3 times daily.

Nausea, headache, pruritus, rash and dizziness. Allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis occur rarely.

Do not use this product with any other product containing Alverine citrate.

The safety of this medicine during pregnancy and lactation is not established. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Until now there haven’t had any reports on drug interactions.

Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

This medication is contraindicated in patients with intestinal obstruction or paralytic ileus. It is also contraindicated for patients with hypersensitivity to any ingredient of this product.

Alverate 60 Tablet: Each box contains 5X10 tablets in Alu-PVC blister strip.