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Quality & Compliance

To achieve this Goal, The Ibn Sina Pharmaceutical Industry puts the highest emphasis to ensure its product Quality by strictly following cGMP and GLP with an independent Quality Assurance Department both for Pharma and Herbal Division. Quality Assurance Department is run by a group of highly educated, well trained, motivated and skilled personnel.
We have following wing & team in the QA department for ensuring quality products.
Important wing of QA is Quality Control Department.
For assuring Quality of -

• Starting Materials 
• Packaging Materials
• Intermediate products
• Bulk & finished products

We have three separate quality control laboratories -

• Central Laboratory
• For Unani & Herbal Division
• For cephalosporin Unit

Each laboratory has following major sections-

• Physical section
• Chemical Section
• Instrumental Section
• Microbiology Section
• Packaging Materials Section

Sections are equipped with modern facilities and sophisticated equipments.
Another wing of QA is compliance having following sections:  

Separate In-process QA laboratory for each section of production department for proper monitoring of production operation, supervision of production environment, recording and documentation

Stability study of marketed product
Calibration of all measuring equipments, qualification and validation of machinery and processes
Annual Product Quality Review (APQR)

For supervision of effectiveness and applicability of the quality assurance activity we have following teams-
Implementation of GMP and Training

• Internal Audit 
• Risk Management

Quality is our commitment. We never compromise with Quality. We are marching onward to achieve our goal to fulfill our commitment. QMS (Quality Management System) is in practice and we are very close to TGA. Near future we are hopeful for MHRA also.