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The Manufacturing Factory of The IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. was founded in 1983 on a campus of about1 4 acres of land, about 56 km away from Dhaka city. Its commercial production was started in May 1986 with only a few standard finished pharmaceutical dosage forms. Now the IBN SINA is a big industrial complex having the following establishment & Departments, and more than 300 dosage form of Pharmaceutical products.

The IPI Manufacturing Factory consists of the following Departments and facilities

1. Production Department:
a) Tablet Section
b) Liquid Section
c) Ophthalmic & Topicals Section
d) Injection Section
e) Capsule & Dry Syrup Section (Non-Penicillin)
f) Capsule & Dry Syrup Section ( Penicillin)
g) Sachets & Oral Saline Section
h) Central Packing Section.

2. QA Department:
a) QC Department
• Starting Materials Section
• Analytical Section Raw
• Analytical Section Finished
b) Microbiology Section
c) Inprocess QA Section
d) Export Section 

3. Store Department:
a) Raw Materials Section
b) Pkg. Materials Section
c) Finished Products Section
d) Sample Packing Section
e) Distribution Section

4. Engineering Department:
a) Power and Electrical Unit
b) AC/ HVAC Unit
c) Mechanical Unit
d) Civil Works Unit
e) Boiler and Compressed air Unit
f) General Engineering Unit.

5. Product Development Department
6. Admin Department
7. Security Department

1. Production Department:

Injectable (Parenteral) Products: 

Parenteral products are considered life saving prestigious products for a company. Prescribing of Parenteral products of a company reflects confidence of doctors on the company. The IPI injection Products are now proscribed by renowned physicians that indicates their confidence on the uncompromising quality of IPI products. IPI produces its products maintaining the ethical standards in all its functions and follow WHO-cGMP right from procurement to reaching of finished goods and to the ultimate consumers.

It is note worthy that IPI uses world renowned Injection production machineries like Rota Ampoule Filling machine from Germany and Flexicon Dry Vial (Injection) Filling machine from Denmark.

The major parenteral brands are Axosin® Combipack, Merocef® Combipack, Sinaceph ® Combipack, Neuralgin® Ampoules, Etolac® Ampoules, etc.

Ophthalmic (Sinavision):

Ophthalmic products of IPI are marketed under the division named "Sinavision". Sinavision products include ophthalmic drops & ointments and also other dosage forms directly used for ophthalmic purpose. All the IPI ophthalmic products are sterile products, manufactured in class 100 area. We have installed a fully automatic ophthalmic Eye Drops production line including washing and filling sealing. As a result, production capacity of Sinavision products increased considerably.

Ophthalmic products are classified into two category: Steroid containing products and Non-steroidal products. Initially both category products were produced in the same area but as per GMP requirement, IPI separates the steroid & Non-Steroid production area.

The major Sinavion products are: Bactin, Cloram, Bromofen, Clovir, Dexon, Levosina, Eylon, Glamor, Isolon, Patalon, Polytracin, Tomycin, etc.


Tablet products comprise about 40% of the total IPI Pharma production. There are two dedicated processing units, five compression units, three coating units & ten blister packaging units. Other two blister machines are installed recently.

Installation of Auto dust extractor for coating units has increased production efficiency and reduced environmental dust contamination.

In view of the increased load on Tablet Section, two high capacity Tablet Compression machines, One big Coating machine, two high speed Blister Packing machines and one Roller Compactor is under procurement process.

The major Tablet products include, Antanil, Algirex, Bactin, Cinarzin, Envit-M, Esotok, Inseac, Ipical-D Levosina, Longpara, Metsina, Moodon, Neuralgin, PAC, Pantolok, Romycin, Sinafort-B, Sinagold, Sinamin, Visceral, etc.

Capsules :

A new sophisticated capsule filling machine is now in operation in IPI factory. The machine has a versatile capacity of filling pellets and liquid fill in Hard Gelating Shells in addition to powder fill. Two existing Automatic Zanasi Capsule filling Machines are used for Penicillin & Cephalosporin production respectively. In view of the increased demand of existing powder fill Capsule products, and addition of more & more new products to our product range, the IPI management has installed a high capacity powder Capsule filling machine recently. This machine can also be used for Pellet Filling.

Penicillin Capsules & Dry syrups are produced in a separate, self contained & dedicated facilities to meet the cGMP compliance. 

The important capsule products of IPI include: Cefixim, Dofixim, Esolok, Neurega, Prolok, Sinaceph, Tetrasina, Sinamox, Optagold,etc.

Powder for Suspensions (DS) Products:


Powder for Suspensions are mainly Antibiotic products intended for children and young patients. We have two separate areas for production of powder for suspension, namely Penicillin Capsules / DS area and Non-Penicillin Capsules / DS area.

The major powder for suspension brands includes; Sinamox Sinaceph,Erymex, Cefixim, Dofixim®, Merocef, Romycin, Sinaclox etc.

Liquid fill Capsule Production:

The Ibn Sina Pharma industry Ltd. has got licence for the production of liquid fill capsules. Production facilities are under development and expecting to launch the products shortly. Market stepping with liquid fill capsules will be a new era for IPI Ltd.

Liquid Products:

IBN SINA is one of the leading manufacturers of Liquid pharma products in Bangladesh. It has four production lines including (1) A huge Auto-Glass bottle Line for Syrups, (2) Antanil Line, (3) PET line and (4) the pediatric drops & Suspension line.

Auto pet bottle Liquid Production Line: In abolition to the above liquid line, a most sophisticated liquid production line has been installed in IPI Factory. It has pet bottle feeding (unscrumbler) unit, rotary bottle washing unit, big light checking unit, Multi head linear liquid filling unit, capping & sealing unit, secord light checking unit, auto sticker labeling unit and packing line with auto cartoon strapping unit. It has a production capacity of 120 - 150 bottles per minutes. Introduction of such big line has increased liquid production capacity considerably.
The major liquid products are Abex, Antanil, Biozinc, Estazol, Junivit, Ketof, Lytex, Mycosin, Sinamin, Ventisal, Vitalgin, etc.

Topicals & consumer products:

Some good popular brands of Topicals ointments & creams are produced in IPI factory. These include Anodyne Gel, Dermocort, Fungicort, Fungin & Fungin-B, Neocort, Scarin, Sinacort, Donadin, etc. A Separate area has been developed for expanding topical products range and for new introduction of some consumer products including mouth wash, antiseptic Solutions (like Savlon, Dettol) and dermal emulsions.   


Unisaline is a popular brand of IPI for ORS. We have a self-contained separate production facility for sachets, lined with three-sophisticated sachet filling machine. The IPI has already started marketing of most popular Unisaline items like unisaline Fruity Lemon, Unisaline Fruity Orange & Unisaline Fruity Mango in three difference flavors. Many new products including tasty, & Rice brands of ORS are in pipe line. Other non ORS Sachet brand is sinalax, which was introduced in Bangladesh by IBN SINA for the first time.

To meet the increased demand of existing sachet products and for some new brands, IPI has installed a new sophisticated high capacity sachet-packing machine from China. A separate area has been developed for the purpose. It yields twin sachet packs. Now Ibn-Sina has two production units for Sachet products: First Unit at L-3 of Production building and Second unit al L-5 of production building. Both units are independent & self contained.


1) Cephalosporin Project:

It is a separate, independent and self contained production building having all the facilities, including storage warehouse, weighing & dispensing, separate QC & microbiology plus all utility facilities. Total area is about 32,000 sft. It is a compliant production building having TGA Certification attribute. It will have a huge production capacity and we shall be able to render toll facility to other local & foreign Pharma Companies.

2) Self Contained Penicillin Production facilities:

A separate, independent and self contained production facility for penicillin products has been established in a separate building to meet the requirement of cGMP and Drug Administration of Bangladesh. It is a compliant production facility for penicillin products.

With the introduction of the separate Penicillin facility, we expect to introduce Injectable penicillin products soon which will increase sophisticated life saving product range.

3) Salid Dosage Production Building:

Existing production building is about 30 years old and many of its facilities needs improvement to meet the current GMP requirements. For GMP compliant purpose, cephalosporin and penicillin production building is separated. Now the management of IPI wants a separate GMP Compliant solid dosage production building. Location has been earmarked and initial work has been started. We expect, after completion of the compliant solid dosage building, both local & export sales will be increased remarkably.

4) Lyophilized Injectable Project:

At present the IPI has started marketing of lyophilized injectable products including Prolok, Pantalok and Esolok Injection etc. Toll manufacturing at other company and import of lyophilized powder incurs huge cost. The management of IPI realized it and decided to install Lyophilized injection project in IPI Factory. Initial work has been started. We expect to set it into operation at the end of 2015.

5) MDI Project:

Metered dose inhaler is a sophisticated medication systems used for asthma and other similar cases. IPI took initiation for production of MDI products in 2008 but due to some administration reason, it was then postponed. The management of IPI now have taken initiation for the project. Expecting to start production in the next year.

6) Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP):

The Ibn Sina Pharma. Ltd. has a full time operated ETP Plant since 2006. DOE license has heen renewed for the year 2014. Our ETP discharged water complies DOE & International specifications and this is confirmed by DOE four times in a year. ETP water is used for gardening purpose.

7) Incineration Facilities:

The Ibn Sina Pharma. Ltd. maintains a contract with PRISM Bangladesh Foundation since 2011 and regularly send pharmaceutical waste & dust to the plant at Matuail plant in Demra and incineration records are maintained.

5. Product Development (PD) Department

Product Development is an important wing of Quality Assurance Department. We have two separate PD Departments for pharma and natural medicine divisions. Both are enriched with a number of highly qualified and experienced personnel.

The goal of PD Department of The IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. is to develop innovative, high quality pharmaceutical products in a cost-effective way maintaining its highly ethical issues regarding human health.

We are committed to produce innovative pharmaceutical products through continuous research and development for the satisfaction of home and abroad customers.

Our experienced PD team is dedicated to develop & introduce quality products according to ICH guidelines and continuous improvement of new and existing product for customer satisfaction, environmental change, technology change and other competitors. The inter department liaison of PD with PMD, QA, QC, Purchase & Production helps a successful introduction of a new product to the valued customers.

PD Department is equipped with sophisticated machineries and equipments of GMP standard for research purpose.

PD team ensures following activity:

Preformulation- to check bio-chemical action and incompatibility of ingredients.

Pharmaceutical Formulation - the formulation of molecules into a Pharmaceutical dosage form (e.g. tablet, capsule and injectable etc.)

Stability Study - following ICH guideline physical, chemical, and microbiological aspects of formulation are checked.

Process Development and Validation - The development of manufacturing processes by which the product can be consistently reproduced on a commercial scale.

Pharmaceutical Analysis - the development of analytical methods to characterize the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient including its chemical and physical properties, stability and the presence of impurities.

Pharmaceutical Maintenance - improvements or changes in manufacturing processes, formulation, or analytical methods.

Preparation of Sample and Documents - Preparation of samples, protocols and other documents for registration of products from Drug Administration (DA). Preparation of BMR for all products manufactured following cGMP requirements.

Comparative Dissolution Study with Innovator Products- In-vitro dissolution testing is the identifying needs for bioequivalence studies.

PD yields around 20-25 new products in health sector every year. This active participation of The IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. in pharmaceutical sector stands as one of the leading pharmaceutical industries in Bangladesh.