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Human Resource

Human Resources has always been a factor of critical importance in any organization as well as to the nation. With the emergence of the market economy the need to manage people efficiently has become an utmost priority to organizations in our company. With globalization, human activity has provided the competitive egde to business enterprise and to nations such as ours. Organizations striving to meet competitive challenges in a technologically driven environment, the management of human resources hold the key to future success.

IPI believes in the modern approach to human resource management and thus emphasizes on both professional and moral development of its human resources. Since development of employees is a continuous process, IPI has taken initiatives to develop its employee's efficiency to the level of international standards.

Currently, IPI has 4727 employees and all of them were trained in their respective jobs. In 2013, about 1137 employees were provided with training in different issues either by orientation, on-job and internal trainings or external trainings offered by professional bodies. IPI has added 327 personnel to its manpower in 2013 which indicates its growth and development.

The strategic role of managing human resources would contribute further in the coming days and lead the company towards a brighter tomorrow.