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Chairman's Message

The The IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. is committed to give relentless efforts to abide by the ethics and principles and comply with the rules and regulations of Drug Administration in all aspects, marketing and production of quality medicine by utilization of technological advancement and new inventions with the great objective of welfare of human beings in the therapeutic field. In order to attain this objective, about three thousand employees and workers performed their responsibilities with dedication and success in the year under review. Alhamdulillah.
The management of the Company has been able to continue smooth production process by successful dealing of the various significant issues such as efficient management of capital, due settlement of the institutional investment, proper sourcing and utilization and storing of required raw materials.
By the grace of Almighty Allah, in the previous years the gradual development of the IPI was un-interrupted in spite of severe competition in the Pharma Industry in local market and overall adverse economic situation.
In the recent years new sophisticated medicine have been added with the product portfolio of the IPI, production capacity increased and marketing territory of the IPI in both local and abroad expanded. This is the mark of our gradual growth and preserving the interest of the investors through in accomplishment of our strategic objective.
In order to keep on our development and long term strategic goal, the Company is vigilant in respect of research and development, enhancement of production capacity, quality improvement of factory and registration of more medicine in the global market.
In compliance to the rules of Drug Administration, installation of a separate world class cephalosporin plant at the factory premises of The IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. at Shafipur is almost at the concluding stage. Pragmatic steps have been taken to get accreditation of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia for this project by engagement of Asia Pacific Consultants (APC), Australia.
Keeping in view of growing market demand, natural medicine production capacity had been enhanced, some sophisticated modern machineries with required technologies had been added and to ensure the quality of production, experienced and dedicated personnel have been recruited. Store area for the raw materials in the Natural Medicine division has been expanded and number of recent medicines have been marketed by which could earn the confidence of physicians and customers. In the year 2013, the sales growth of the Natural Medicine was encouraging as compared to the previous year.
The Board of Directors acknowledges the importance of the recommendations and suggestions of the shareholders and considers the same as a key driving force in attainment of the success and progress of IPI.
I would express my earnest congratulations to all levels of employees and workers for their competency, skill, working spirit, relentless endeavor and cooperation. I would also express my thanks and gratitude to our beloved shareholders for their untiring support and trust.
To end with, I fervently appeal to Almighty Allah to bless us with future progress and development of the Company. Ameen!
Kazi Harun or Rashid