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Bangladesh Army

Healthcare is one of the important factors among the fundamental need of the human being. Sound mind prevails in sound health and healthy man can contribute his might to the nation-building activities. Since the establishment of IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. (IPI) in 1983, it has been aiming to fulfill this fundamental demand of the people of Bangladesh and is committed to reach the healthcare services to the door-step of the common people. We believe that the experience and skill of the physicians supported with quality medicines can only ensure better human life. The IBN SINA Pharmaceutical Industry Limited has endlessly exerted all its efforts for building quality into the product.

IBN SINA follows 3 objectives as its moral duty :

• To provide inspiration for establishing a committed and motivated nation.
• To reach the healthcare service to the door-step of the people, since IPI is an organization for the people of Bangladesh.
• To manufacture and market safe, effective medicines of the highest quality by strictly ensuring the WHO and cGMP standards and local regulatory norms from procurement of raw materials to supply of finished products.

At present IPI is producing 188 different dosage forms of 118 generic categories. The product range is in a continuous state of development both by the addition of new formulation and by making the right change in the existing formulations. As it is mentioned earlier that IPI is the company of this soil, therefore we are committed and morally bound to Allah, the Almighty to serve the humanity with its quality products and quality services.